Using Our Product

How To Use Our Product

While most HPDs are inserted into the ear the same way, there are some subtle differences that can mean the difference in a good, tight fit and one that can lead to leaks.  With our product we want to ensure you get a good tight seal around the last flange (fancy name for the outer curved layers!) at the exit of your ear canal.  We recommend pushing the Sonopro Sport into your ear and giving a solid 3 count to let it set.  After that, just pull your finger away and enjoy the best-in-class, on demand protection.  See the picture below for what it should look like seated in your ear. 

Good Fit Poor Fit

Notice how in the poor fit picture above that the Sonopro Sport extends past the ear lobe too far, creating a poor seal.  Should this happen after pressing the Sonopro Sport in and holding for 3 seconds, the Size Normal might be too large.  We offer the Size Small that should work and give that tight fit.

Cleaning Sonopro Sport

We've had some questions from our users and customers on how to clean their Sonopro Sport hearing protection.  We developed the product with a high strength and very durable TPE polymer.  The material is non-toxic and can be easily cleaned with warm soap and water.  We suggest doing this after every use and just let the product air dry.  In cases where you might get ear wax build up in the small exit hole or inside the large tube inside the product, just poke the build up out with a small paper clip, pencil lead, or other small diameter piece of rigid material. The material is elastic so don't worry about it being slightly larger when you poke through the hole as the hole will resize itself quickly after.  For the inside larger tube, a simple wet Q-tip should clean out any residual build up with ease.

If you have any other questions on usage, feel free to reach out to us on the Contact Page and we will respond as quick as we can!