What Do Our Customers Have To Say About Sonopro Sport?

We take our claims of being the best multi-use passive hearing protector on the market very seriously.  We've done extensive testing with over 150 people (and sold over 700 sets) in very diverse environments and asked for their feedback throughout the design, prototype, and production process.  Here is what a few of them had to say...

"It worked effectively at reducing the sound of the gunfire and still was able to hear the Squad and Team Leaders giving orders to their teammates while shooting and moving. Very impressed with being able to hear during all that chaos" - Huntsville HPD SWAT Officer

"Wore them for approximately 10 hours straight during military exercises and most times I forgot I even had them due to how natural the sound clarity was.  No diminished or distorted hearing after the exercises either." - David Baggett (Huntsville SWAT Officer and National Guard soldier)

"These are the best HPDs I've ever used.  Fantastic noise attenuation.  I definitely want the commercial product once it's available!" - Tom Rice (avid hunter and gun enthusiast) 

We'd love to hear from you and your experience using Sonopro Sport!!  Just send an e-mail to keith@sonoprotech.com and we might feature your testimonial on our site!