About the Technology

How Does Our Technology Work?

Our patent-pending protection technology works by cancelling out higher harmful noise that would normally cause pain or damage to the ear which normally falls around the 130 dB+ threshold.  The design allows conversational/environmental level noise, usually around 50 dB to 90 dB, to pass through with little to no distortion or attenuation.  At harmful gunfire level noise, independent federal an commercial agency testing has shown superior protection (>40 dB) over other leading hearing protection devices and better low level pass through.  All of this is done through a completely passive design which offers true on-demand protection...just insert the HPD and the technology will protect your hearing when necessary but won't impede your ability to hear things around you.


How are we different?

Sound protection is the ability to cancel or reduce harmful exposures to the ear. This can be accomplished in several ways, but the most common is an earplug or ear muff. In many applications, such as hunting, recreational shooting, law enforcement, military, and industrial usage, cancelling out all noise is not only unwanted, but can be incredibly dangerous. In hunting use for example, being able to hear, and understand clearly, conversations and ambient sounds is needed to maintain localization/directionality and is key to top results. This is where our non-linear sound protection with enhanced situational awareness capability offers a completely passive and optimal solution.

What about comfort?

The beauty of our truly passive technology is that it requires no user input, dial switching, or adjustment of the HPD. You simply insert our product into the ear and let the sound protection technology work when it’s necessary. Our HPD uses a soft polyurethane triple flange design which allows for long duration wear times and excellent comfort.

Who Can Use Our Technology?

Anyone who wants best in class protection from harmful noise, but wants to be able to hear conversational or situational noise around them.


               Hunters             Recreational Shooters    Law Enforcement                  Military