About SonoPro

Sonopro Sport started development about seven years ago in conjunction and with support from the military and law enforcement.  Critical to their needs was the ability to have a hearing protector device (HPD) that could cancel out high impulse noise such as gunfire, but allow low level noise like talking and environmental sounds through without distortion or without reducing the clarity.  Sonopro Sport was designed in a completely passive solution so that the HPD could be inserted at the beginning of a mission or exercise, not touched or dialed in during the mission, and removed at mission end without sacrificing any situational/battlefield awareness.  All of the technology works on demand without the need for switching ends, dials, or mechanical/electronic parts. 

In a similar vein, hunters place a lot of value on their hearing protection device needs.  Recreational shooters want to enjoy their time on the range without having to adjust or take on/off their hearing protection between shots or magazines.  That hearing protection also needs to function properly and provide automatic blocking of gunfire and noise. Unfortunately, hunters and recreational shooters in the past have had to rely on all-noise muffling HPDs, or expensive active hearing protection systems.

With SonoPro Sport’s innovative technology, no longer will hunters and recreational shooters have to choose between hearing the animals and game around them, their shooting pal next to them, OR protection from the discharge of their weapon. SonoPro Sport offers best-in-class protection from gunfire noise and near zero attenuation from low level (conversational/ambient) noise.

SonoPro Sport’s technology has been developed over the past 7 years in conjunction with various government agencies.  Our military deserves the best technology available to accomplish their mission and SonoProtech is excited about bringing some of this technology to a wider market.

Where can I purchase SonoPro Sport?

SonoPro is available on this site in our own online store and on Amazon for purchase.  We also offer larger bulk and high volume ordering upon request.